Dear Mike:

I am writing to thank you again for performing a miracle with our new dog "Bo".  He's a puppy Cavapoo, and he had me about ready to give up!  We're so glad we met you at the Home Show.

Bo started out by being afraid of his own shadow - he wouldn't come out from under our kitchen table, even for a treat.  He constantly ran off - down the street, into traffic - it was a major problem.  Chewing, house training - the whole works.

The results you gave us are nothing short of amazing!  He is so well behaved - and his progress continues every day.  When you told me we would see results after just the first lesson, I have to say I was very, very skeptical.  I can assure you that he's been a changed pet from that first day.

I really believe he's happier too - he's getting the same "consistent messages" from everyone in our household, which really helps.  He knows where his boundaries are, and he's enjoying the fun of being together without all the stress of his not listening.

You did an amazing job - and you have an amazing system.  Thanks again for all your help, we will be more than happy to be a reference for you and your

I've attached a few recent pictures of the rascal - note how well he sits at my feet until released!

Best regards,


Bo and Stan

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